Stovetop Potpourri Room Refresher
Stovetop Potpourri Room Refresher

Stovetop Potpourri Room Refresher

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 Create a warm and cozy atmosphere in any room with our Stovetop Potpourri Room Refresher this holiday season. Just spray 8-10 sprays into the center of any room to bring some extra joy to your home this season!

Scent profile: In case you've never made it, stovetop potpourri (also known as a simmer pot) is a pot of water filled with spices, herbs, and fruit that you simmer on the stove to fill your home with a delightful warm scent!

We've recreated that scent and it brings together cranberry, orange, honey, tonka, cinnamon, and vanilla to create the perfect cozy smell - without having to monitor the simmer pot on the stove.

Ingredients: Water, Clean Fragrance Oils, Salt

Size: 4 ounces, approximately 1600 sprays per bottle

Made to order: ships in approximately 5 business days

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