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Blemished Autumn Leaves Mug

Blemished Autumn Leaves Mug

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This mug is slightly blemished and being sold as-is.

As I planned this collection I wanted to bring in that exquisite, almost bittersweet Fall feeling. The brilliant autumn leaves are dying, but there is so much beauty in watching their descent from the bold green of life to the warm golden hue of letting go.

I created this mug as a reminder that change, good or hard, can be beautiful. The change we don't have control over, the change we make purposefully, the subtle change that happens slowly over time...all of these changes have the potential to be beautiful.

"Let the autumn leaves remind me how beautiful change can be." 

Mug stats:
16 oz. (perfect for a giant cup of tea/coffee)
White mug with black writing
Microwave safe
Handwash for longevity
Packaged sustainably
Sent with love & care