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Candle Subscription Box

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This subscription box is the answer to all of your candle prayers!! No need to worry about running out of candles AND you get to save money on shipping! Because I know candles are expensive to ship - darn heavy candles!

With this subscription box, you can get your candle delivered each month for almost the same price as a single candle! Plus, I'll always throw in a little goodie to sweeten the deal each month!

Things you need to know:

*You will receive one 9oz candle each month - the scent will be a surprise!
*You will first be charged on the day you purchase and then on the 15th of the month each month after that.
*If you purchase after the 15th of the month your order will ship the following month!
*Candles will ship by the 25th of the month (except in December where they'll ship as close to the 15th as possible in order to get your candles to you before the holiday)
*You can cancel at any time
*You must purchase the subscription box by itself (without anything else in your cart due to shipping issues). If you purchase with anything else in your cart I will have to cancel your order.


our shop is in SLC, UT

Please refer to our size chart.


Please allow 7-10 business days.

Our shop is in SLC, UT