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You Smell Nice Room Refresher

You Smell Nice Room Refresher

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You smell nice! I'm sure of it. But...sometimes our homes or clothes need a little extra help smelling like we want them to. The You Smell Nice Room Refresher was made just for those moments. 

Mist 8-10 sprays in the center of a room or 4-5 on a favorite piece of clothing*. You'll find that your room or clothing now smells so lovely! Plus, our room refreshers pair perfectly with our candles. Spray the room first, then light a candle. When the room refresher scent fades the candle will already be filling it with its delicious scent!

*Always test on a small unseen section of fabric before using on a whole garment.

2 fluid ounces
Approx. 800 sprays
Ingredients: distilled water, essential oils, salt

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