The Seasons Box

The Seasons Box

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I have learned to value ritual and routine in the past few years. The things we do daily/weekly/monthly give us a sense of grounding or coming back to center. Every morning I pour myself a matcha latte. Without fail, this is a ritual I perform every morning. It's a bit of a process: sift the matcha in a mug, pour in hot water, whisk the matcha and water until foamy, then add frothed milk. Once I've made the latte I sit at my dining room table drink it, out of a steady and flight mug, of course.

This is the foundation of the Seasons Box. A curated selection of items that help create or add to our daily/weekly/monthly rituals. I find that my rituals ebb and flow with the Seasons. In the Summer I like to spend 20-30 minutes each afternoon outside with an iced drink, in the Winter I keep my space full of light with a candle lit in each room.  Each box is themed for and includes items tailored to, the Season.



his winter we could all use a snow day. A day when the world sinks into the stillness that a blanket of snow provides for us. 

The products in this box were created to help you have the snow day feeling anytime, not just when it snows. A mug to remind you of the power of stillness, a candle to create some extra light, and a few more products perfect for making your snow day happen anytime.

Use code: FREESHIPPING to get free shipping on this box and all recurring orders of the Seasons Box.


Each quarter you will receive a different combination of products but you can always expect to receive:

  • an essential oil candle in a unique vessel
  • a mug or similar drinkware
  • MAGIC! (okay, you won't actually see the magic, but it's there!)

You will also receive a few other products that might include the following:

  • candle accessories
  • coffee
  • desk accessories
  • greeting cards
  • notepads
  • notebooks
  • matches
  • pencils
  • pens
  • tea
  • and anything else I can dream up for you!!



How much is shipping for The Seasons Box?
-Shipping is included in the price! Just use code FREESHIPPING at checkout.

How am I charged for The Seasons Box?
-You'll be charged on the day you purchase and after that, you will be charged every 3 months on the 5th of the month. ex. If you purchase on March 1st, you'll be charged that day and the next time you'll be charged is July 5th.

When will I receive my Seasons Box?
-The box will ship by the end of the subscription month.

What is the value of The Seasons Box?
-The Seasons Boxes will always be worth $70-75 (before shipping costs!).

Can I just buy things from The Seasons Box separately?
-No, sorry. Most of the items included in each Seasons Box are EXCLUSIVE to the box.

What if I decide I don't want to continue getting The Seasons Box?
- No worries, friend! You can cancel at any time.

When I go to submit my order, I'm charged shipping - why?
- You must use the code FREESHIPPING to get free shipping on your box. Only good for subscription products.

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