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The Seasons Box Gift 1 Year

The Seasons Box Gift 1 Year

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Live your most outrageously beautiful life by anchoring yourself in the seasons!

Do you ever feel like the year just passes by and you barely got to enjoy it or even be present for it?

This quarterly and seasonally themed box is created each season JUST FOR YOU with items to help you take advantage of the beauty and wisdom of each season.

Each item is designed specifically to help you create outrageously beautiful moments every day, not just when you're on vacation or have a big life event!

Each quarter you will receive a different combination of products but you can always expect to receive: an essential oil candle, a mug/drinkware, & MAGIC! You will also receive a few other products that might include the following: candle accessories, coffee, desk accessories, greeting cards, notepads, notebooks, matches, pencils, pens, tea, and anything else I can dream up for you!!

This quarter's (Summer) theme is Sunlight!

Here are the details you need to know:
*This gift subscription can be paid quarterly or all at once! The box will be automatically canceled after 4 boxes.
*Shipping is included in the price!
*You'll be charged on the day you purchase and after that, you will be charged every 3 months on the 5th of the month. ex. If you purchase February 20th you'll be charged that day and the next time you'll be charged is June 5th, then September 5th, & December 5th.
*The box will ship by the 15th at the latest but we will do everything in our power to ship them as close to the 5th as possible (especially in December when the box can be used for yourself or as gifts!!).
*The box will always be worth $70-75 without shipping so this price of $66 (which includes shipping) is a steal!
*This is the BEST deal in the shop. The products in the box are all discounted at 25+%!
*You can cancel at any time
*You must purchase the subscription box by itself (without anything else in your cart due to shipping issues). If you purchase with anything else in your cart I will have to cancel your order.