The Seasons Box One Year
The Seasons Box One Year

The Seasons Box One Year

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Pay for an entire year upfront and get 10% off (this listing is already 10% discounted). You're only charged once for these boxes but they'll ship out each quarter! The subscription only lasts one year so no worries about canceling the subscription next year.


I often wonder, “What if I look back when I'm 80 and all I remember is how quickly the time passed?”
I get choked up a bit thinking that. I don't want to live a life in fast forward. 
The Seasons Box is my answer to that feeling. It's the pause button on the fast moving days. It's the reset when things are starting to get away from us.
This year the Seasons Box is going places and the first place it's going is By The Sea! 
There is something invigorating and yet comforting about the fresh air that rolls off the ocean, flowers popping up around in town, and that feeling you get when you close your eyes and listen to the waves. Peace. Calm. 
This box will bring you all of those peaceful & calm feelings!
Use code: FREESHIPPING to get free shipping on this box and all recurring orders of the Seasons Box.


Each quarter you will receive a different combination of products but you can always expect to receive:

  • an essential oil candle in a unique vessel
  • a mug or similar drinkware
  • MAGIC! (okay, you won't actually see the magic, but it's there!)

You will also receive a few other products that might include the following:

  • candle accessories
  • coffee
  • desk accessories
  • greeting cards
  • notepads
  • notebooks
  • matches
  • pencils
  • pens
  • tea
  • and anything else I can dream up for you!!



How much is shipping for The Seasons Box?
-Shipping is included in the price!

How am I charged for The Seasons Box?
-You'll be charged on the day you purchase for the entire year and your box will ship each quarter: End of March, End of June, End of September, December (will try to ship it by mid-December but shipping times may vary at the busiest season).

When will I receive my Seasons Box?
-The box will ship by the end of the month of purchase.

What is the value of The Seasons Box?

-The Seasons Boxes will always be worth $70-75 (before shipping costs!).

Can I just buy things from The Seasons Box separately?

-No, sorry. Most of the items included in each Seasons Box are EXCLUSIVE to the box.

What if I decide I don't want to continue getting The Seasons Box?
- No worries, friend! You can cancel at any time.

When I go to submit my order, I'm charged shipping - why?
-Use code FREESHIPPING for free shipping on your subscription order! You must purchase the subscription box by itself without anything else in your cart, otherwise, the other products will mess with shipping costs. If you purchase The Seasons Box with anything else in your cart I will have to cancel your order. 

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