Behind The Tea, Edition 2

I just returned last night from a few days in Yosemite National Park. As always, Yosemite did not disappoint. However, I couldn't help but feel our visit was bittersweet. 

We left Los Angeles Friday morning and we took our time driving toward Yosemite. We stopped in a little town near the park called Mariposa. While we were in the town a new wildfire started just over the hill from Mariposa.

As we drove away from the town a giant billow of smoke rose from behind the hill and we watched it in the rear view mirror.  The smoke chased us all the way through the park. Here's a photo of Half Dome and the smoke behind it:

We were fortunate that we got into the park early on Saturday and had a few hours where the skies were clear but by 10 AM the sky was full of smoke.
By the end of the day we opted to go back to our hotel early as the smoke was very thick and we were worried about air quality.
Our weekend has me thinking about these things:
1. Being in nature is one of the few things in my life that really keep me in the moment. Our first trail took us by a sweet stream in the Tuolumne Meadows. We brought a very cool picnic backpack (linked here) filled with sandwiches, string cheese, chips, and sparkling water (basically my favorite kinds of food) and we sat by the stream. By the end of our picnic a few deer were drinking just up stream from us. It was truly a perfect moment. I'm so grateful for memories made in this beautiful place where we get to live.

(photo taken by my amazing husband Kevin)

2. Climate change is scary and here and real. I know you might not want to read about this - I don't really want to even have to talk about it, but it's happening. I had a thought the other day of what life might feel like if we didn't have this terrifying reality hanging over us. How much more peacefully I would feel and better I would sleep.

3. When things get scary look for what you can do right where you are. It is easy to get overwhelmed by the magnitude of the problem but starting right in our communities and lives is how change is made. For me that means doing what I can with this business. 

In case you didn't know steady and flight carries almost no plastic in the shop. 

I've chosen time after time to not add in products that are made with plastic, such as phone cases, plastic cups, etc. It didn't align with my values as a person or shop owner.

The exceptions are the pumps and spray atomizers that go on my hand soap, lotion, Room Refreshers, and Shower Refreshers. As well as, the lids to any travel mugs. However, I am working on a refill program (coming mid-August) for all of my apothecary products that would mean the pumps and spray atomizers would be used over and over and over again. And the travel mugs help reduce single use plastic and paper cups!

And since Earth Day this year, every single order placed with steady and flight plants a tree! Since mid-April we've planted over 100 trees together! WHAT?! We're amazing! I'm proud of us!! My goal is to get to 500 trees by the end of the year.


4. In that vein - I will be planting 2 trees for every order for the rest of July and all of August. Since it is fire season we can use all the extra trees planted as possible. Your support of my shop not only supports my family and business, but also helps the planet in both the choices I make as a shop owner and in planting trees.

5. I love you and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. It feels like a scary scary world we live in right now. There is so much to process and so much heartache. I hope you find the balance of doing what you can by donating and helping in your own community, and also caring for yourself by taking breaks from the news and doing things that light you up.

May we hold each other through the hard moments and celebrate all the good we can, together.



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