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Three unexpected lessons from living through a pandemic.

The other night as we were cleaning the kitchen (this becomes important later) I told my husband I had realized a lot about myself during this pandemic. It was likely the best thing that has come out of this increasingly difficult situation. Living through a pandemic has brought realizations I was not expecting at all. Not that I really went into this with any expectations. I just didn’t realize how much I’d learn just staying home for months on end.  Here are the three biggest things I’ve learned from isolation and this pandemic. 1. Little things matter. Being only at home for 2 months has changed how I live in my house. In the past, I would put off chores...

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Dear Friend Series: I love you and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it!

  Dear friend, I love you and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. I first heard that line in a Scrubs episode a few years ago when a fictional pastor said it at the end of his sermon for a funeral. I remember a warm feeling fill me even though it was an actor on a TV show saying it. I began to think about how powerful this statement is...unconditional love. And I thought "If an actor on TV saying this affected me so much, how would my community feel hearing it from me?" And that is when I started ending each of my blog posts and emails with it. Because if there is something I aspire...

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Why you should embrace the scars that healed you.

“How do you feel about scars?” The nurse asks. “I’m ok with scars.” I reply but wonder if it’s true. I’m sitting in an exam room at a medical clinic getting stitches out of my right index finger. Two weeks earlier I’d sliced my finger open badly and had to venture out into this ongoing pandemic to be stitched up. The nurse continues saying that there’s an effective but pricey scar remedy I can purchase at any local pharmacy. I thank her for the information but don’t stop at the pharmacy on my way home. Once home I strip off the clothes I’d worn to the medical office and immediately take a shower to reduce the possibility that I’d brought...

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The One Thing That Will Spice Up Your Date Night At Home

  I don't know about you but date nights are my favorite; getting a little dressed up, putting on some lipstick, and heading out on the town! But sometimes that's not possible - like when you're stuck inside because of a Stay At Home order during a pandemic <---sound familiar?!  However, there are still ways to have a fabulous time with your person (romantic or platonic) even when you can only go from your kitchen to your living room! “Say hello to Themed Date Nights!” (Imagine for a second that I said that in a cheesy TV dating show host voice!) I know it sounds simple but it’s a seriously fun way to spice up a boring night at home!...

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Dear Friend Series: We'll Make It Through This Too

Dear Friend, I am thinking about you today. Thinking about how you may be hurting or struggling. Thinking about you celebrating birthdays, births, anniversaries, and other moments in your life while home during this difficult time. I've heard from friends that they feel paralyzed and restless and afraid. Some are throwing themselves into work and others are just doing their best to get to the end of each day. Every time I start to feel like I can't keep going I remember the other hard times in my life I've lived through. I think about the year there wasn't much work and money was so tight that each month I felt I was holding my breath and crossing my fingers that we'd make it....

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