Dear Friend, Good is coming.


Dear friend,

I don't know about you but this year has just felt so heavy.  It feels like an infinite amount of hurt everywhere. And I am so tired.

I keep hearing people say “This is just 2020 - it sucks.” But honestly, I just can't live a life where that's my belief.

Instead, I believe that good is coming. I also believe that no matter how hard this year has been there have been (and will be) moments, days, and even weeks worthy of remembering fondly. And lessons hard-learned but worth the learning.

You might wonder why I have so much hope during such hardship and that’s because I've made it through deeply painful times.

This season is a particularly hard one. It's Lisa's birthday this month (if you don't know the story of steady and flight you can read it here) and as we reach another milestone - 3 of Lisa's birthdays without her - I am both hopeful and heartbroken. 

I have hope because when she died a part of me wondered if I'd make it through that…and I did. Her death was the catalyst for the greatest healing in my life. And it is the heart behind this company, the reason I keep creating week in and week out.

I can see now that the devastation of her death didn't break me forever. Instead, it pulled me apart and made space for me to grow into the gaps. I couldn't change what happened, I certainly would have if I could, but I did believe that I had the ability to create beauty from the rubble.

As we live through one of the most difficult times of our lives I just want you to know there is hope. If you're feeling pulled apart, you too can fill those gaps with love and acceptance and softness and freedom. If you're unsure about your future - that's ok. We all are. And I'm standing across from you, looking into your eyes, and letting you know: we'll make it through this together.

I love you and there is absolutely nothing you can do about,


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