Ever wish you could turn back time?

(I know Cher is playing in your head right now...you're welcome!)

Now that we've finished THE LONGEST month of the year (thanks January!!) we'll find the rest of the year going a lot faster. Before we know it - it'll be the holiday season again. We'll look back on the year and wonder: where did the time go?

It's a trap that we all fall into. Our days & weeks seem long but before our eyes the seasons pass. And, guess what?

It doesn't have to be this way. 

We don't have to wake up on January 1st, 2021 and wish we'd been more present throughout this year!

We can start RIGHT NOW and we can start with the Seasons Box.

I've invented a time machine!!

What's included in the box!

The contents of each box will be a surprise, however, here's what you can expect to receive:

Each box will always have an essential oil candle, a mug/drinkware, & magic! 

Other kinds of items that may be included:

Candle accessories, coffee, desk accessories, greeting cards, notepads, notebooks, matches, pencils, pens, tea, and anything else I can dream up for you!!

The box will worth $70-75 before shipping and will include 5-6 items each time!

Imagine your perfect day:


Let me tell you what this is not:

This is not just another subscription box where you receive items that end up cluttering your house or gathering dust.

In fact, each box has been specifically designed for the season. Each item has been created with purpose & the intention that you'll use it for the entire season. This box is not about "things," it's about cultivating daily practices and meaningful moments.

It's products created by me for us to live our most outrageously beautiful lives.