New to this shop: Candle Samplers! Smell the top 4 best-selling candle scents! All made with soy wax & essential oils.


Not sure what scent to pick? This sampler will allow you to smell my best-selling scents, plus they come in reusable and lovely gold tins! Buy the set and check out all the scents or keep them as simple additions to any gift!

Candle scents included: masala chai, cinnamon vanilla, peppermint lavender, spearmint eucalyptus.

Each tin is 2oz and will burn for approximately 4-6 hours.

What if this moment mattered too?

The seemingly mundane moment. The one you pass by while thinking about the next big moment you're looking forward to. Mundane moments can be magical, if you let them. Each steady and flight product was created to help make any moment magical. A mug with an uplifting phrase can take a normal cup of coffee and make it meaningful. A beautiful essential oil candle can bring a sense of peace and hope.

Live Your Most Outrageously Beautiful Life