Refill & Recycle/Reuse Program

Why a refill and recycle program?

We love the planet & always want to be doing more to use our resources wisely.

It's also a great way to save money - and who doesn't love that!

Please read all the important details below to be sure to use this program correctly.

How to save $$

If you refill your vessels with us you can save up to $19 off a single candle. Here's how:

The candle you see here originally sold for $44 plus approximately $9 for shipping. Total: $53.00.

Here is the cost for a s+f refill:

$9 in return shipping, $16.50 to refill, $9 in shipping back to you - total: $34.50 (these are approximate numbers - the total will vary depending on where you live & size of your vessel).

You can also save more on shipping by having multiple candles refilled at a time!

Also, you can save money by recycling our main-line glass vessels with us. See below for more info.

Refill special vessels

Over the years we've had a LOT of fancy vessels.

And while there are lots of ways to reuse those vessels it can also be lovely to have your favorite vessel refilled with your favorite scent.

The cost of refilling a vessel is $1.50 per ounce.

Uncertain of the size of your vessel? Fill out the form below and I can help you determine that information.

You are also responsible for shipping the vessels to us and return shipping (see more about that in the important details below).

Recycle/Reuse glass vessels

These 9 and 16 ounce glass vessels are our main line candle vessels.

If you send these back to us you can get a discount on your next order.

1-2 vessels = 15% off your next order

3+ vessels = 20% off your next order


1. All candle vessels must be cleaned prior to shipping. This video will show you how to clean your vessel.

2. You are responsible for packaging your vessels safely & for the cost of shipping. USPS has a shipping rate called "Ground Advantage" that is very affordable.

It's can also be less expensive per vessel if you ship multiple vessels at a time.

3. You must fill out the Google Form below before you ship your vessels. This lets me know a package is coming to my PO Box and helps me know where to send the discount/invoice.

4. You must include a piece of paper with your name and email on it in the shipping box.

5. If your vessels arrive broken we will honor the discount the first time. However, if it happens multiple times we will not be able to honor a discount. Please wrap your candle vessels in their original packaging for best results.

6. Once you've filled out the form please send your vessels here:

steady and flight

PO Box 5653

Sherman Oaks, CA 91413