The story of steady and flight

Dear friend,

I’m never sure how to tell this story. How do I share about something so deeply painful and yet so exquisitely beautiful? I suppose I must just begin.

In 2015 I started my company, at that time called Earl Grey & Polka Dots. I was quite obsessed with tea and tea culture, and still am. I created tea themed goodies and shared pictures of my favorite teas on Instagram religiously. Looking back it was a time of sweetness and innocence.

Then in 2017 my life changed forever…my best friend Lisa died. All at once I was living without the person who helped me make sense of the world. The person I went to for all of the good, the bad, and the ugly things in life. My forever coffee date. 

At her memorial service I recounted this story: “The evening before my wedding I gifted Lisa an anchor necklace. I told her how she made me feel safe and kept me grounded.

She surprised me the next day during her maid of honor speech by saying that if she was my anchor then I was her hot air balloon. I uplifted her and helped her see the positive in any situation. Together we were the perfect balance of steady and flight." 

And in that moment, steady and flight was born. 

Since then steady and flight has been many things: 

A lifeline to those who are struggling with grief. A light in the darkness. A reminder that even this is hope.

It’s also been a space to create beautiful things: delicious smelling candles, uplifting mugs, meaningful stationery, and more.

What we’ve created for the shop has shifted over time; we’ve let some products go and added new ones in but our mission has never changed: 

Be the light, share the light, and remind others of the light (which is maybe why we love candles so much).

In a world where everything can be so hard, we are a soft place to land

We care about the light for little moments. 

I’m so glad you’re here.

I love you and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it,