steady + flight is HERE!
steady + flight is HERE!
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Hi, I'm Sara, a tea obsessed designer living in the Pacific Northwest with my husband and two cats.

I created steady + flight in honor of my best friend Lisa who died in 2017. She was the anchor in our friendship and I was the hot air balloon. Using the symbols of hot air balloons and anchors, as well as uplifting messages, I design meaningful products to be a constant reminder of the beautiful balance of friendship and the love we have for the women who stand shoulder to shoulder with us through it all.

Adult friendship can particularly hard because our lives are so much more complicated but I believe friendship is worth celebrating. steady + flight products are each created to foster friendship, hope, love, & belonging. I hope you don't wait another second to call or text your best friend or your Mom and tell them just how much they mean to you.

I can't wait to get to know you! I love hanging out on Instagram so come on over and say hello! Or send me an email

Cheers friend,