The One Thing That Will Spice Up Your Date Night At Home


I don't know about you but date nights are my favorite; getting a little dressed up, putting on some lipstick, and heading out on the town!

But sometimes that's not possible - like when you're stuck inside because of a Stay At Home order during a pandemic <---sound familiar?! 

However, there are still ways to have a fabulous time with your person (romantic or platonic) even when you can only go from your kitchen to your living room!

“Say hello to Themed Date Nights!”

(Imagine for a second that I said that in a cheesy TV dating show host voice!)

I know it sounds simple but it’s a seriously fun way to spice up a boring night at home! Each weekend Kev (my husband) and I choose a theme. One Friday night we chose the 1940s as our theme: we put on a 1940s compilation record and drank sidecars! It was so easy, Kev made the drinks and I put on the record, but we danced around the living room and talked about why we love big band music. 

Or this coming weekend’s theme: “Italy!” (still saying it in my TV show host voice)

We’re having a favorite Eataly dish that we’re attempting to recreate (I’ll let you know how it goes *wink*), drinking an Aperol Spritz, and listening to Dean Martin’s Return To Me record that has a few Italian songs on it!

The themes don’t have to be anything crazy or outrageous. It could simply be Happy Hour.

Also, it doesn’t have to include cocktails (though ours generally do). It’s about how YOU like to spend your date nights - just doing it at home!

You can get as creative as you like! 

The theme can be as loose or as specific as you want! Plan a theme night around your favorite movie: Kev and I wanted to do a Back To The Future marathon and were thinking of creating themed snacks...though we couldn’t think of any hah! P.S. If you have any ideas for BTTF themed snacks please let me know in the comments...pretty PLEASE!

Or you can make a fort (with or without your kids) and pretend you’re on the moon (check out the blog post I wrote about that here) and eat popcorn inside while watching a movie on your iPad.

Here are a few broad ideas to get you started on choosing a theme:

  1. Choose your favorite restaurant dish and see if you can find a clone recipe online. Build your date night around that dish and see what you get inspired to do or create!
  2. Choose a region: Italy, Mexico, Thailand, etc. Once you choose the region, find a recipe for a meal and/or a cocktail and maybe some music or a movie.
  3. Change up locations. We started doing Happy Hour in our backyard on the nicer evenings. It feels like we’re “going out” even though we’re staying in. You could have a date night on the couch or even in the kitchen if that feels different!
  4. Plan a few nights in advance and make sure you get what you need from the store that way you’re not only prepared but also feel the anticipation of getting to spend quality time with your favorite person.
  5. If you’d normally get a bit more dressed up for date night then do that even when you’re at home. It can change the whole mood of the night and you might even get lucky *wink* (I mean you’ll get lucky and find a cute dress you forgot about...of course!)

And finally, here are the themes Kev and I have planned for the next few weeks:

  1. Italian night!
  2. A Tea Party (including tea sandwiches & scones)
  3. Back To The Future movie marathon & snacks
  4. Dress up night (we’ll dim the lights & drink cocktails by candlelight in our best outfits)
  5. 80’s Dance Night (dressing up in 80s clothes & dancing to an 80s playlist)

Please let me know if you end up doing a theme night or two with your significant other or your roommate(s). I’d love to know your theme ideas so Kev and I can try them out! We’re always trying to think of something new and we plan to continue our themed date nights in even after we’re able to be out and about again!

I love you and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it,


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