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The One Thing That Will Spice Up Your Date Night At Home

  I don't know about you but date nights are my favorite; getting a little dressed up, putting on some lipstick, and heading out on the town! But sometimes that's not possible - like when you're stuck inside because of a Stay At Home order during a pandemic <---sound familiar?!  However, there are still ways to have a fabulous time with your person (romantic or platonic) even when you can only go from your kitchen to your living room! “Say hello to Themed Date Nights!” (Imagine for a second that I said that in a cheesy TV dating show host voice!) I know it sounds simple but it’s a seriously fun way to spice up a boring night at home!...

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Make Working From Home Work For You!

  By now you might have read a few articles or blog posts about working from home and this one will be a bit different. I think that working from home is fabulous & not for everyone. While you might need to work from home right now I want to give you this permission first: consider the first few days and weeks as a trial. You won't know what works for you unless you try and things you try might not end up being a good fit. Give yourself grace as you figure this out! Here are my 7 tips to Make Working From Home Work For You! Tip #1: Start your day right! This is going to look different...

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How To Work From Home Without Killing Your Spouse!

It's impossible. Just kidding! Working from home with your spouse can feel especially stressful. This person you love so much over morning coffee is also the person you want to kill by the end of the day. Here are 4 tips to keep the peace at home and to go on loving your partner instead of being charged with murder *wink* Our work from home backstory: A few years ago my husband Kevin started working freelance which means that he works from home about 50-60% off of the time. The first few months of us both working from home were rough. We have different work & sleep schedules that had benefited our relationship in the past. BUT working from home meant...

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