Going To The Moon - Self Care In Times Of Crisis

Last weekend Kevin and I were having one of our themed Friday nights (a blog post on that is coming!). We were drinking sidecars, listening to a 1940s music collection on our record player, and slow dancing around the living room. As we danced I told Kevin "I feel like we're on the moon."

He understood immediately what I meant. In this time of COVID-19, and staying at home, I have been feeling so heavy with the news of more deaths daily, the fear of contracting the virus, and the weight of this pandemic on our health care system and professionals. It often feels like an elephant is sitting on my chest and that I'll never run out tears.

So last night we went to the moon. There's no virus on the moon. There's just Kev and I dancing, cocktails in hand, and music playing on the record player. Our house was magically transported away from the chaos to the quiet and comfort of space.

It was a blessed few hours where the only things that existed were each other and our at-home adventure. The pain of the world was left on Earth and we escaped to the moon.

And, no surprise, I woke up the next morning with more energy and positivity than I'd had since this virus broke out. This imaginative trip to the moon made space for joy and laughter and silliness. It made space for connection and love and hope.

So...how do you get to the moon?

Well, the moon looks different for everyone. It might look like a movie marathon night with the shades drawn and all of the lights turned off. It might look like reading a favorite book under the covers with a flashlight. Or dressing up and eating a meal by candlelight.

The best part about the moon is that it can be anything you dream it to be! Anything you create it to be! To me, the moon is where big band music is always playing, where there are endless matcha lattes & delicious cocktails, and where any of my favorite books or movies are ready for me the moment I want to read or watch them.

In this time of uncertainty, it is more important than ever that we give ourselves space for joy, hope, and comfort. We will always come back to Earth and be a part of reality. However, those hours on the moon will allow us to come back with a perspective that may have been lost while spending hours reading articles, watching the news, or scrolling social media.

What does the moon look like for you? How will you create your own trip to the moon this week? I would be honored to know what your moon is like so please comment below and let me know.

I love you and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it,


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