Bourbon Furnace Recipe

Bourbon Furnace Recipe

My favorite go-to drink during the holidays is a Bourbon Furnace! It's simple to make and such a cozy delicious drink!

What you'll need: spiced cider & bourbon!

Heat your spiced cider. This time of year I love to keep a crockpot of cider warm at all times. I add in cinnamon sticks & cloves to really spice the cider up! If apple cider is too sweet for you, you can add a bit of cranberry juice to make a bit more tart! It's so delicious!

Add 1oz (a shot) of bourbon to your mug (might I suggest my Firelight mug! *wink*)

Pour the apple cider on top of the bourbon, give it a good stir, and garnish it with a cinnamon stick! 

Voila!! You have an easy and delicious holiday drink that's sure to make your holiday extra cozy & bright!

Happy Holidays my friend!


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