I hated summer but now it's all SUMMER LOVE over here!

Hate is a strong word. We weren't really allowed to use it growing up. My Mom would make us say "strongly dislike" instead and I applaud her for that. 👏🏻

For a few years, though, I have strongly disliked summer. I disliked the insanely hot days where you can't even enjoy the sun, I disliked my knowledge of skincare which makes it impossible to leave the house without slathering on sunscreen (reef & people safe sunscreen - buy it here!), and I disliked working long hours in a house that is too warm.

Was a little resentful? Probably. Sorry to all the children in the world but I did resent you. I resented your fabulous summer days at the pool, and someone else making sure you're sunscreened up, and the way summer used to feel like a time to grow and to read and to make a plan to show up the next year at school an even better version of myself!

(P.S. Did anyone else do that? I used to make elaborate plans each summer on how I was going to be prettier, smarter, and cooler by the time school came around. I'm not certain it ever worked. Example: see my geekiness in this Kickstarter video (especially the first 20 seconds and at 8:11) for my first album that came out in 2017.)

After searching my soul this spring I realized that I was tired of feeling resentful and "strong dislike" toward summer. I wanted that summertime feeling back. 

So I created the Summer Love collection.

I tried to think about what I remember loving about summer: like the first summer I discovered I could make iced coffees at home with a latte powder mix, milk, & ice?? Most caffeinated summer ever. Or when I realized that a white t-shirt and cropped jeans were my favorite go-to outfit in the heat that helped me stay cool but feel put together.


It wasn't fancy pool parties or trips around the globe (because I didn't have any) that made it to my "best summer memories" scrapbook. It was sleepovers, a late night snack at an all-night diner, running through the sprinkler, swimming in the lake. It was that hot summer day, nothing to do, but everything in front of you, feeling of freedom.

This year I've decided to step into the sunlight, and give myself a summer of love & friendship. I want to reclaim the beautiful moments we had as kids/teenagers and bring back that summer of freedom feeling.

Are you with me?

All my love,


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