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Dear Friend Series: Let's All Walk Each Other Home

Dear friend, “We’re all just walking each other home.” Ram Dass We are facing unprecedented times and with that unprecedented fear. There is so much information that begs our attention; it’s overwhelming & anxiety-inducing. But I keep asking myself: What does the world need from me? From us? And the answer I keep receiving for each other. We are searching so heartily for the solution. We are aching for ways to help, to feel better, to love one another. What if the way through this is to show up for each other in any way we are able? Check on your friends. Show kindness to strangers. Donate money or items when you’re able.  And, of course, care for yourself....

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Bourbon Furnace Recipe

My favorite go-to drink during the holidays is a Bourbon Furnace! It's simple to make and such a cozy delicious drink! What you'll need: spiced cider & bourbon! Heat your spiced cider. This time of year I love to keep a crockpot of cider warm at all times. I add in cinnamon sticks & cloves to really spice the cider up! If apple cider is too sweet for you, you can add a bit of cranberry juice to make a bit more tart! It's so delicious! Add 1oz (a shot) of bourbon to your mug (might I suggest my Firelight mug! *wink*) Pour the apple cider on top of the bourbon, give it a good stir, and garnish it with...

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I hated summer but now it's all SUMMER LOVE over here!

Hate is a strong word. We weren't really allowed to use it growing up. My Mom would make us say "strongly dislike" instead and I applaud her for that. 👏🏻 For a few years, though, I have strongly disliked summer. I disliked the insanely hot days where you can't even enjoy the sun, I disliked my knowledge of skincare which makes it impossible to leave the house without slathering on sunscreen (reef & people safe sunscreen - buy it here!), and I disliked working long hours in a house that is too warm. Was a little resentful? Probably. Sorry to all the children in the world but I did resent you. I resented your fabulous summer days at the pool,...

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Gratitude Shame - what it is and how to release it!

You see, gratitude and your desire for growth/change/more are not mutually exclusive. They can live together. And yet, we, especially women, hold ourselves to a standard that I believe is not serving us. A requirement from our culture and ourselves that we must be happy and grateful at all times.

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