The Wildwoods Room Refresher
The Wildwoods Room Refresher

The Wildwoods Room Refresher

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Experience a burst of clean and delightful fragrance with The Wildwoods Room Refresher. Made with natural, quality fragrance oils, this room spray instantly refreshes to bring a delightful scent to your living space. Make every room feel fresh and invigorated.

Made with just a few ingredients, scented with clean fragrance oils, and in a gorgeous clear bottle with an apothecary label. 

Scent profile: Leaves crunching underfoot. Wind whistling through the trees. Fresh air filling your lungs. There’s nothing quite like a hike through the forest in the cool Autumn breeze. 

We’ve captured all of that in our new scent The Wildwoods. With the scents of cypress, balsam, oak, cedar, and cool, crisp fresh air - you’ll be transported to the depths of the forest in the Autumn.

Ingredients: Water, Clean Fragrance Oils, Salt

Size: 4 ounces, approximately 1600 sprays per bottle

Made to order: ships in approximately 5 business days

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