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Gratitude Shame - what it is and how to release it!

You see, gratitude and your desire for growth/change/more are not mutually exclusive. They can live together. And yet, we, especially women, hold ourselves to a standard that I believe is not serving us. A requirement from our culture and ourselves that we must be happy and grateful at all times.

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My love affair with Matcha!

Last year I decided to switch my daily tea drink from an Earl Grey (still a FAVE) to matcha! And it's been a life changer! Each day I generally drink two Matcha Lattes: one in the morning and one before I begin teaching in the afternoon (my other business) and the change in my energy is noticeable. I work late four days a week (until between 7:45 - 8:15 pm) and I find I can make it to that time without dragging. And I generally get up and start working around 6-7 am. Obviously, every person's body is different but if you are interested in adding Matcha into your day here are the things you'll need to purchase: First, the Matcha itself. I...

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The story of steady + flight

I was 12 years old when I met Lisa, who was 31 at the time. An unlikely friendship for sure. Our journey to becoming best friends is a bit long and complicated but I'll simplify it this way: Lisa was first my mentor, and then, as I became an adult, my best friend. From the moment we met, we were, as she would say, simpatico. We instantly connected over our love of coffee, writing, and talking. Our positive outlook on life was similar. Our friendship circled around coffee dates. When I was a preteen and teenager I would go to Lisa's house, we'd sit on the steps that led from her dining room to living room, and we'd drink coffee, talk...

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