steady and flight Gift Guide

Finding unique gifts for unique people is something we LOVE to do!

We decided to create a guide to help you find JUST the right gift for your fave humans!

For the dreamer with a full life:

We all know that amazing human who is always dreaming about all the big things they are going to do and then setting out to do them!

Our This Week notepad is the PERFECT gift for them! It's got space for dreaming all those big dreams and room for a plan to make those dreams and ideas happen!

And it's also got prompts on the bottom to be sure this dreamer keeps up with their self-care, stays grounded in gratitude, and keeps their to-do list manageable.

P.S. You might also throw in a You Got This notepad or Market List - they perfectly compliment the This Week Notepad!

For the bibliophile:

Book lovers are a special kind of human and we were thinking of them when we created our scent The Study.

There's nothing quite like the smell of a leather armchair, a shelf full of leather bound books, and sweet tobacco filling the room while reading a good book.

Snag this scent in a candle or a Room Refresher and add it to a book from their To Be Read pile for the perfect present for your favorite book lover!

For the lover of the outdoors:

The Winter can be a great time to get outside but sometimes the weather just doesn't cooperate!

For those who LOVE those outside smells but can't be out in nature 24/7 - we've got quite a few delightful smells made just for them:

1. The Wildwoods candle - this scent is like walking through the woods in the cool Autumn air! Perfect to burn on those days when you can't get outside!

2. The Forest hand soap, lotion, & Room Refresher - this scent is made with just essential oils and smells so much like a cold night in a winter Forest filled with pine trees!

For The Holiday OBSESSED:

For those who love a little holiday spirit in EVERY ROOM of the house our Holiday Apothecary products are perfect!

A set of hand soap & lotion in every bathroom and in the kitchen!

It's giving Oprah's favorite things: YOU GET A CHRISTMAS SOAP, YOU GET A CHRISTMAS SOAP!!!

For those who light up a room:

There are those people in our lives who bring light into every room they walk into. Their spirit and soul are so full of goodness that we can't help but feel peaceful and joyful in their presence.

These two beautiful candles, rose gold or gold, & filled with the scent of your choice, are perfect for gifting the light in your life with some candlelight of their own!

Add in a set of matches and a heartfelt note to make it very glowing gift!

For those who love a cozy moment:

This is the time of year when staying inside, cuddled up under a blanket, with a candle lit while we watch a movie or read a good book.

Our Cozy & Bright and Firelight candles are made to make any moment a little cozier. With their warm & spicy scents - their whole home will soon smell completely cozy!