Fall Fragrance Oil Candles

We've got 3 new fragrance oil scents:

The Orchard - Let's escape to The Orchard together! We'll pick apples and dream of all of the delicious pies and snacks we'll be eating all Autumn long.

The Orchard is like no other apple scent you've ever smelled. The bright scent of apple & cranberry, warm Autumn spices, and the fresh scent of the trees in the orchard. It's warm, inviting, enchanting, and possibly the best Autumn scent ever!

The Study - This one is for the bibliophiles! This candle smells like a cozy, ancient study filled with books & mementos of years of collecting. There’s a hint of sweet pipe tobacco and the warmth of leather bound books. 

It will instantly make any space a home library even if it’s just you in bed next to your TBR (to be read) pile!

The Wildwoods - Leaves crunching underfoot. Wind whistling through the trees. Fresh air filling your lungs. There’s nothing quite like a hike through the forest in the cool Autumn breeze. 

We’ve captured all of that in our new candle The Wildwoods. With the scents of cypress, balsam, oak, cedar, and cool, crisp fresh air - you’ll be transported to the depths of the forest in the Autumn.

Fall Mini Candle Set

Why is everything cuter in mini??

This Autumn add some magic to your home with all of our new Fall fragrance oil scents in gorgeous mini candle vessels in Autumn colors.

Each set comes packaged in a sleek black box, perfect for gifting - even if it's to yourself!

A new apothecary scent!

It's been a while since we brought out a new essential oil apothecary scent and this one is NOT to be missed!

With warm Autumn spices and the brightness of blood orange - it'll add coziness to your kitchen, bathroom, and living room this Fall!

Available in soap, lotion, & Room Refresher!

Essential Oil Candles are BACK!

These are some REAL magical vibes!

Our essential oil candles we our first candles we created and they are back with a few new recipes and gorgeous new labels!

There are four scents arriving Tuesday: Malasa Chai Latte, Cinnamon Buns, Lavender Cream, & Relaxing Retreat!

Fragrance Apothecary Scents

We love the new fragrance oil candles so much - we're adding those 3 scents to our fragrance apothecary line!

They'll be available in lotion, soap, and Room Refreshers!

Now we can add Autumn Magic to our kitchens, bathrooms, and any room that needs refreshing!